गुरुवार, 23 सितंबर 2010

मुन्नी के झंडूबाम होने का रहस्य!

Vijay Ranjan 
Issuesto be discussed Annee Zandubam see the - the - look spread like wildfire all Ghyiean Munni Zandubam got was this tongue. People were dancing all over the country, were singing -''Munni Zandubam the magic of being mounted on the head of Longo began to speak. Circumstances it was that their - their handkerchiefs Zandubam began to replace the perfume. People with the move from rickshaw Khaini not Hesitate to ask the way, the same way by increasing hands say - "Brother, you just give your handkerchief, enjoy Zandubam bike.'' 
'Teej' festival before I asked my wife,''Kayoanji this time how to get the sari?'' 
Wife was a little Etlahti bid,''Suniyji, sari this time leave. Please bring me Zandubam''Munni Zandubam the effect of having had something like this when the maid does not function properly, the owner, seems to be scolding the maid,''Why do not mind re currently working. Zandubam got what?'' 
Munni's Zandubam also had the effect of having young people. College girls doing things like this started,''blink know, when Ankita Shubu met, what to say! She got Zandubam.'' 
Now matter what, Munni's Zandubam Bachchan also had the effect to be. Amitabh Bachchan Navratna Oil put on people's heads over the years - take a tired, but people could not get over the headache. Munni on Zandubam since occurred over millions of headaches. 
Munni way the market is at its peak to be Zandubam. Discussion''on the first Chaiaँ Munni, do Chanayaँ - would have to steal people's eyes. Some years before the Munni 'UP - Bihar has been trying to rob. Munni believe that a hideout Tikati not last long. Often take the neighbor's stove caught fire. Chuati thorn caught in the hearts of young boys. Even tan, your liver buses caught fire pot Sulgati. One can not understand anything that was how Zandubam Munni suddenly. Who knows that the truth lies! People of Faith tongue Laloo Yadav says Munni Zandubam got to be in love. Some people disagree. They believe in the love of Chualbual Pandey Munni gone mad. Munni Pandey, Jharkhand brought Chualbual bare politicians and politics in hammam Munni was inserted. Munn when it turned out, got the Zandubam. 
Now matter what, Munni Zandubam the secrets to raise the curtain, the curtain raiser to the mystery of the universe is like. Country - millions of people abroad want to know how Zandubam Munni finally got!  

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